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BieszczadyThere is a region in Poland, where you can see the unspoilt nature - crystal water, monumental trees, plains changing their colours throughout the year, from green in the spring to the yellow and red in the autumn, and white when there are covered with snow.

It is located in the far south-east, in Podkarpackie Voivodeship, at the borders with the Slovak Republic and Ukraine. It is called Bieszczady.


Map Bieszczady is the Polish name of the western part of what the Polish call Eastern Beskids (Beskidy Wschodnie). It is a part of the Carpathians. In a narrower but very frequent sense, Bieszczady refers only to the Western Bieszczady or even only to the Polish part of the mountain range. The term Bieszczady in the wide sense is used only in Poland. In Slovakia and Ukraine "Bieszczady" usually refers only to the part situated in Poland. In Poland "Bieszczady" also refers usually only to the Polish part of the (Western) Bieszczady. In Ukraine, the "Eastern Bieszczady" has various names (unstable terminology); they usually contain the word Beskids. The colloquial Polish term referring to Bieszczady is Biesy, folk etymology connecting the origin of the mountains to demonic (bies) activities.

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In the 1973 was established Bieszczady National Park. Nowadays it is the third largest national park in Poland

The region Bieszczady is famous for its areas perfect for hiking, horse riding, cross country skiing, cycling and natural photography. However the public access to the park is restricted, as the most of the park area has the status of strictly protected zone.

In the park functions a system of marked tourist trails and nature tracks as an idea of willful environmental care. In the region Bieszczady lives one of the two polish bison population. First one, in the Białowieża National Park lives separately. But only the population in Bieszczady has a blood of their Caucasian ancestors. Perhaps these genes have a influence for their well – being in a mountain areas.

The residents of the forest are also roe deer, wild boar and a few individuals of elk. The park has also successfully reintroduced of the beaver. For the last few years a herd of Hucul horses has been bred in the park in order to maintain this typical of this area old rare breed.
As mentioned above, it is a region perfect for hiking. Lots of trails and paths with view points encourage sitting and delighting with extensive landscapes of plains, forests and lakes.

For a special attention deserves the Solina Lake. It is perfect for sailing and windsurfing, and also for fishing. None of polish lakes offers such variable landscapes, so many original, unexpected views, secret coves inviting to moot for the night.

On the Solina Lake is located the biggest artificial water reservoir in Poland with the water dam and hydraulic plant. Building the “monster” required flooding few of the villages. Maximum depth of the reservoir comes to 60 meters. The plant is made accessible for tourists. It is a certain attraction in this region.