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Biebrza Valley
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Biebrza Valley
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Biebrza view In the northeastern part of Poland is located the real highlight of Podlasie, the Białowieża National Park. Its Europe's largest original lowland forest with much of its primeval plant and animal life is registered on the UNESCO's list of World's Biosphere Reserves and World Culture Heritage. 

Biebrza location On this area are also located two other National Parks: Wigry National Park and Biebrza National Park. The last one took its name from the name of the river Biebrza. It marks the middle part of the Podlasie region and is Central Europe's largest natural bog area. The Biebrza valley is located 200 km north east of Warsaw in the so-called Green Lungs of Poland.

You are most welcome to se vast floodplains of one of the last untamed rivers in Europe, unique wilderness where man lives in harmony with the rhythms of nature, and where the present is intertwined with rich tradition and history. Here you'll find places where life is still vibrant with the wild rhythm of an untouched natural setting. You will experience many wonderful adventures with its unique nature and discover the multitude of fauna species.