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Holiday’s tradition
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Holiday’s tradition
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bigosCustoms and ceremonials are however only an element of the whole polish national culture, but very meaningful and worth to point out. More over, the polish folklore became an ununbindable knot uniting polish history with present times.

Christmas is next to the Easter the most important Holiday in Poland. On Christmas Eve stands in the room the Christmas tree decorated with glass bombs, toys and sweets, lamps and chains hand-made by children. The tradition of Christmas tree came in 19th century from Germany. Some people hang also mistletoe under the ceiling. In the country people nail decorated branches on the front door. In the Karpaty region, in cottages are hanging three-dimensional cardboard constructions - the Globes.

Many polish families put under the table - cloth some hay. After the supper everyone draw one trifle. The long one means a long life, a fuzzy or curled one means interesting although troublesome life. This evening one can find out much about the future. The Poles still believe, that everything what is prayed for on Christmas Eve will be fulfilled within the next year.
There are twelve dishes on the table this evening, only meat-less however. There is also one additional table - ware for the "unexpected guest". Before the family sits by the table, they break the wafer and wishing all the best to each other for the following year. In the country, the inmates give a piece of wafer and bread to the animals that, according to the legend, at midnight speak with human voice.

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