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kozakForests of Poland are full of mushrooms. Since always people collected mushrooms and also these days they stand as an important element of polish cuisine. Once considered as a food for the poor ones, nowadays developed the dishes of mushrooms as to be prepared willingly on holidays as an excellence. It matters that the mushrooms are used as a substitute of meat, when in church holidays eating meat is forbidden. Collected polish mushrooms are not only prepared by the families themselves, but also have become a significant export good. More then nine tenth of chanterelle offered on German market comes from polish forests. Through centuries the Poles became masters in preparing and keeping mushrooms. Drying and setting into vinegar are the most known methods of keeping. Every housewife will protect her own recipe for sour vinegar mushrooms. In the country it would be considered as impolite when the guest wouldn't be treated with self-gathered and self- pickled mushrooms.

The visitor should definitely use the opportunity of gather mushrooms by himself if visiting the region in the mushroom season in late autumn. The tourists can be even offered to discover secret places where mushrooms grow best in the guided tour with the ranger. Although in polish forests one can only 60 sorts of mushrooms find from almost 3000, more than a half of them are poisonous or uneatable. The most famous and favorites of used in polish cuisine are chanterelle, boletus, champignon and kite-mushroom.

If there is no occasion mushrooms self to gather, the tourists should at least take home a culinary souvenir: on many country markets are sold very cheap pickled mushrooms in the jars and long strings of dried mushrooms.

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