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Wine, fruit, mead
miodThe production of wine practically doesn't exist in Poland any more. Till 1979 there was a little winery in region of Green Mountain /Zielona Góra. Unfortunately in winter 1979/1980 almost all of the wine seedlings has frozen. Fruit wine however is still kept and served as a ceremonial drink. In shops and markets the client will find many types of wine from all over the world. The price also varies depending on the region, taste and year of production. Also mead (mioód pitny) is considered as a national alcohol drink. It is received by fermentation of honey and water. Its taste is often refined by inserting for example herbs and spices. It is offered in two types: one known as Dwójniak (half water, half honey), and the other as Trójniak (one third honey, two thirds water). The alcohol contents runs from 12 to 20 percent. Famous types of polish mead are among others: Kasztelanski, Krolewski, Bernardynski, Korzenny, Piastowski and Podwawelski.
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