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Basic Facts About Poland
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Basic Facts About Poland
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Travelling by plane:

  • Domestic flights are serviced by Polish Airlines LOT.
    At present, in Poland there are 11 airports offering domestic flights:
    • Warsaw,
    • Szczecin,
    • Gdańsk,
    • Bydgoszcz,
    • Poznań,
    • Łódź,
    • Zielona Góra,
    • Wrocław,
    • Katowice,
    • Cracow and
    • Rzeszów.
  • International airports are available in
    • Warsaw,
    • Gdańsk,
    • Katowice,
    • Poznań,
    • Wrocław and
    • Łódź.

Travelling by train:

Passengers are serviced by PKP – the Polish State Railways. Three types of trains are available: intercity, eurocity and expresses; fast and slow trains. Passengers can travel in two classes: first and second. To travel in eurocity, intercity and express trains, passengers must purchase so called miejscówka, which entitles them to take a given seat on a train. Trains operating on long distances frequently have additional buffet cars and sleeping cars. Foreigners cannot take advantage of discounts for students and school children.

Travelling by coach:

Intercity coach lines are services by PKS - the Polish Car Transport Company, as well as a number of private transport companies, whose coaches or microbuses leave from coach stations. Some transportation companies recognize international student’s cards which entitle to discounts, e.g. Euro 26 and Isic.

Public Transportation:
In Poland, public transport means are as follows: buses, trams, trolley-buses and the underground (called metro - in Warsaw only)


Polish taxi-cabs await passengers at designated taxi stands, e.g. near railway stations, airports, hotels. They are marked with TAXI sign and a telephone number of the corporation for which they work. Another way of getting a taxi is to order one by phone. Taxi fares are higher at night (10 pm to 6 am) and outside city boundaries, but you still pay by the meter. Fare for transport between cities should be negotiated with the driver.

Car rentals:
Tourists coming to Poland may rent automobiles with or without drivers from specialized international rent-a-car companies, or from Polish private rental offices. Car rental services are also found at border crossings, airports, hotel receptions, and some travel office.

Fuel Stations:
Most fuel stations in Poland are located along international routes and some selected stations in large cities are open 24 hours. Fuel stations offer:

  • regular petrol (Etylina 94), known as yellow (leaded);
  • lead-free petrol (Etylina 95 and 98), known as green;
  • lead-free petrol (Etylina U95) for vehicles without catalyst;
  • diesel fuel (ON).

Some petrol stations sell liquefied gas fuel and those are marked with LPG-GAZ or Auto-Gaz signs. In addition to fuels, most petrol stations sell automotive accessories, snacks, beverages, foodstuffs, cosmetics, etc.