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Basic Facts About Poland
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Basic Facts About Poland
Important issues
Duty-free articles
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Polish language (basic words)

The following articles may be imported duty-free:

  • Alcohol:
    2 litres of wine, 5 litres of beer, 1 litre of spirits (for people aged 18 and above).
  • Tobacco products: up to 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco (for people aged 18 and above).
  • Food: up to 200g of coffee, up to 1 kg of chocolate products and presents to the value of $100.
  • Two cameras and one video camera can be imported duty-free.
  • Expensive articles such as photographic, film or hi-tech equipment, jewellery and furs should be declared on entry.
  • The importation of weapons is not permitted.
  • Dogs and cats may be imported, but they must have been immunised against rabies at least three weeks before arrival at the border.
  • Works of art purchased in Poland, such as antiques and books printed before 9 May 1945, can only be exported as long as an authorisation from the relevant Curator of Art Works or the National Museum in Warsaw is produced.

Polish customs regulations are subject to frequent alterations. Before buying anything of value, it makes sense to check that the customs authorities will issue an export license and whether any special documentation will be required.


Warsaw Okecie Airport Customs Office,
tel: 8469873.

Warsaw Customs Headquarters,
Ul. Swietokrzyska 12,
tel: 6943194.

Driving regulations:
The traffic regulations in Poland are in line with the rules of the EU.

The most important ones are as follows:

  • speed limit in built-in area – 60 km/h
  • speed limit on motorways – 130 km/h
  • speed limit on expressways – 110 km/h

During the whole year drivers are obligated to drive with their passing lights on.

The violation of the driving regulations in Poland may end up in issuing a ticket and granting penalty points from 1 to 10. In the case of foreigners, information on their penalty points scored in Poland is passed on to respective offices in their countries. Foreigners pay tickets in cash.

Permissible alcohol level in blood is 0.2 permilles.

The driver and the passenger on the front seat are obligated to fasten their seatbelts while driving a car.

Drivers are forbidden to use mobile phones without a hands-free kit while driving a car. A vehicle should be equipped with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and a warning triangle. Children below 10 years of age should travel in a child restraint.

In a built-up area, the control of vehicles can be carried out by police officers both dressed in uniforms and in civil clothes, during the day and at night. In open space at night, control of vehicles can be executed only by police officers in uniforms, and during the day also by police officers in civil clothes, standing in front of a police car located in a visible place. 

Below there are links of the websites where you can find all information about traffic regulations for foreign visitors and system viaToll in Poland.