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Silver Mine will be UNESCO World Heritage
The former silver mine with the Black Trout Adit (Sztolnia Czarnego Pstrąga)
in Silesia Tarnowskie Gory (Tarnowitz) is one of the most important cultural monuments
of southern Poland. The operators of the museum complex by the home care association (SMZT) want to
see now listed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage mine.

A request is presented to the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO in January. The more than 200 pages
thick document is the result of many years of work. After receipt of the documents the committee has
18 months to verify this. Of the approximately 150 kilometers of
tunnels of the former mine an approximately two-kilometer section is a tourist route to
visit released. The highlight of the tour is the boat trip on a more
than 300-meter-long section of the Black Trout tunnel. Named after this was the
lively fishing, the same black shadow on the boats in the light of carbide lamps
swim past. By the end of February 2015 necessary repair work will be on the tourist trail
performed. During this time, the system remains up to the Black-trout
tunnel closed. http://www.kopalniasrebra.pl/

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