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Rzeszow is the largest city of Podkarpackie voivodeship and its capital city is also the center of

Air Valley.But for the quick pace and investments, the city attracts Poles’ eye, and what is more, it reaches

demanded places in nationwide ranks of cities popularity.Passing the streets  the formerly Galician city

shows the immensity of changes which had been performed during the last decade.Despite that fact,

Rzeszow is still full of greennery place where you can take a rest and relax.

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Weiss Travel Agency with its 21-year experience in operating foreign tourists, offers you a lot of trips to the major Polish destinations.

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Kashubians ( Polish: Kaszubi ) , also called  Kassubians  or Cassubians,  are a West Slavic ethnic group of north-central  Poland.

The Kashubian unofficial  capital is Kartuzy. However,  the biggest  city of Cassubia  region  is Gdańsk      ( Gduńsk, German: Danzig),the  capital  of  the Pomeranian  Voivodeship. 

The traditional occupations of the Kashubians  were  agriculture  and  fishing;  today these are  joined  by the  service  and  hospitality  industry,  and  agrotourism. 


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In der Welt geheimnisvoller Bieber-Sümpfe

Biebrza Landschaft Die äußerst natürlichen Vorteile Nordostpolens sind schon seit langem von den Forschern und den Naturliebhabern erkannt worden. Noch vor dem II. Wetkrieg wurde der Urwald von Bialowieza unter Schutz gestellt.

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Wigry Lake
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Wigry Lake Wigry National Park, located in the north-east part of Poland, in Podlaskie Voivodeshhp, as$created on January 1st, 1989. Its northern part lies within the East Suwalki Lakeland, while the southern part within the Augustow Plain. The total area of the Park is 15,085 ha. Forests (63 %) and surface waters (19 %) cover the major part of its area. 623 ha which consists of 120 ha of forests are strictly protected. Agriculturally managed areas are encompassed by landscape protection.

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