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kozakForests of Poland are full of mushrooms. Since always people collected mushrooms and also these days they stand as an important element of polish cuisine. Once considered as a food for the poor ones, nowadays developed the dishes of mushrooms as to be prepared willingly on holidays as an excellence. It matters that the mushrooms are used as a substitute of meat, when in church holidays eating meat is forbidden.
Some of the traditional polish recipies

All recipes for four persons



  • 100g rye – flour,
  • half liter of warm water,
  • half liter of milk,
  • soup herbs and ¼ l of water
  • raw beacon or sausage (150g),
  • two cloves of garlic, salt,

Some days before cooking the “right soup”, should be the basis prepared. To do this has to be mixed flour with warm water and put away in a peaceful and warm place. The soured flour soup has a specific sour and nice smell. Now the soup herbs should be about 30 minutes cooked in the water and then took out. To the boiling water should now be added the sour flour – soup with milk, blended al together and boiled again. Flavor with salt and crashed garlic, add fried beacon or sausage cut into pieces. All together leave to boil for about an hour on a small flame. In the end add boiled egg or separately cooked potatoes.


Holiday’s tradition
bigosCustoms and ceremonials are however only an element of the whole polish national culture, but very meaningful and worth to point out. More over, the polish folklore became an ununbindable knot uniting polish history with present times.
Chopin biography

Chopin's monument Frederick Francois CHOPIN, the most eminent Polish composer, was born on 1st March (some historians quote the date of 22nd February) 1810 in Żelazowa Wola (around 50 km away from Warsaw) in the estate of count Skarbek, where Frederick's father (of French descent), Nicholas Chopin, lived and worked as tutor.   

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