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Customized tours to Poland and Baltic

Welcome to Poland - the country, which has been attracting tourists with its unique charm for centuries, is now more open and accessible. Few other countries in Europe can boast such a variety of landscapes, ranging from the golden beaches of Baltic Sea in the North, to the rocky peaks of Tatras in the South. Obraz

Breaks with a difference. Carefully selected accomodation in castles and palaces from different historical periods, ie Renaissance, Medieval and Baroque.We offer programs focused on specialised themes which can be tailor-made to suit your tastes, such as medieval tournaments, folklore performances and horse- drawn carriage rides.

Lectures about Polish history and culture given by experts . We focus on delightful regional cuisine which is a part of a rich Polish heritage.

We also organise tours combining Poland and other exciting central European destinations, such as Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Dresden and Baltic.

Owner's profile

 Philologist with an idea - mrs. Karolina Gnusowska-Weiss

Philologist with an ideaSince November 26th 2004 the president of Wielkopolska region's department of Polish Travel Chamber.

This fine, full of energy person has built her tourism company all by herself. In times when you should have an "Orbis "- kind of experience or many good connections, she managed to force through her ideas and come into being on the international market.

She graduated the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan on the faculty of German philology. For many years she worked at the University as a lecturer of German language. She was a lecturer in High School of Hotel Management and Catering Business. However it's not the previous job that became Mrs. Weiss's true love. In 1984 she made a course to a tour leader of foreign groups.

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"(...)I can report that everyone enjoyed the tour and our guide!(...)Thank you for your interest, your outstanding travel organization(...)"

Mr. Patches USA 




Michael from USA:

"We had a wonderful time in Poland and Weiss's arrangements were wonderful."




 Ron from Canada:

"Our experience in KRK was amazing. Marta was fantastic and really did a wonderful job - we really enjoyed her! The hotel, our visits to salt mines, Aushwtz, and a small taxi excursion was brilliant!  And to top in off the weather was very agreeable and the several restaurants and beer gardens we visited were excellent! We loved KRK and it was my second much I  missed the first time."



Dear Marta,

Just to let you know that I returned home safely and as scheduled from Krakow. 

It was nice to see the goats come out of the Town Hall clock.  Many thanks for the picture!

As you know, the guide took me to Malbork and round Gdansk, which was an excellent start for my visit.

The guide Marek Wegrzecki was very good in that he knew what he was doing and seemed very interested in increasing his knowledge - he was even taking notes on some of the guided tours in the National Parks!  Undoubtedly, I saw a lot of things - for example, Treblinka, a Jewish synagogue at Tykocin and parts of the national parks that I would probably have missed had I been on my own. I would recommend him to others who have the same sort of interests as my own - with the warning that he likes to start early and packs in a full day!  The guide at Bialowieza Park was all right although not particularly knowledgeable but Katarzyna Ramotowska at Biebrza was excellent, it was like being at home with a professional colleague and I would happily have spent another few days with her.

The move back to Warsaw and catching the train to Krakow went smoothly and Marek dutifully helped me get the right ticket and find the right seat on the train.  The Krakow hotel was very well run and the staff - all women but one, - were extremely helpful.

The double tour of the saltmine in the morning and Auschwitz in the afternoon was tiring - but well worth it. The city tour on the Saturday morning had a good guide. 

The hotels that you chose were all fine and pleasant. As well as the Major in Krakow, the hotels at Bialowieza and Goniadz were especially good and distinctive - and all three had the best restaurants for excellent dishes at very reasonable prices.

 Altogether I was very pleased with the itinerary and your arrangements. 

 Marek managed to find a horse and carriage to go into one park and elsewhere I hired a rickshaw and Katarzyna Ramotowska got a permit for us to take a car into the Red Marshes.

 I am writing this to you because I think you did most of the work in preparing the itinerary and might like to have some feedback. However, I should also like to compliment Karolina Grusowska-Weiss on having such an efficient travel agency - I am very glad that Ewa Binkin recommended your services.

 With many thanks and best wishes,

 David Shirley